Thursday, July 21

Designing Ways

Hello all,
I have not posted on a stationery company of product that I just really liked in awhile.  But the other day I was in Marshall's (I know- I should have stayed away but that's why it is called a stationery addiction), I found some more of the Cynthia Rowley's collection. 
What I love is the fun patterns she uses and mixes.  Not only do they come with a scratch pad, but there is also post-its. And we all know (or should) that post-its make great labels!

 She is apparently a well known fashion designer but also makes matching pen and pencil sets, stationery caddies, designed home tools (hammer, tape measure), and has her own line of designer band aids.  I haven't bought any of them, but the paper seems to be multiplying in my collection : )

Wishing you creative paper for creative writing!


  1. I love Marshall's and TJMaxx, but I can't seem to find the awesome cards and stationary that you do:)

  2. These are adorable, I have not gone to Marshall' in forever. I think I should make a trip soon.