Tuesday, July 12

Designing Ways

Every now and again the USPS puts out some interesting stamps.  They issued these beauties of modern design. 

The only problem - well not really a problem - is what to use them on!  I'm sure I'll find something to mail them on.

Hope this finds you all well and good!


  1. Ah, yet another set I HAVE to buy. I've bought almost all the ones they've come out with this year.

  2. me too. At least they are forevers. Although I miss the money value.

  3. They open up possibilities for creating some fun thematic stationery or envies. The typewriter stamp could go on an envie made from a vintage newspaper or an envie decorated with different typewriter fonts and a rubber cut of a vintage typewriter... Hm-m-m I think I feel some new mailart envies coming on... Elle

  4. Just bought these yesterday, along with my scientists stamps. Now to get writing!!

  5. It'll be cool to see what you design around these May! It's always fun to get one of your letters