Monday, July 25

Opportunity to Donate for Operation Write Home

Hello folks,
How is everybody today?  I had a recent brainstorm and my friend over at the StampTramps and I thought we'd open up the opportunity for creative mailers to help support the troups. 
I know many of you have written letters and then some folks like the StampTramps make cards for the soldiers to write home on.  But what to do when you are like myself and only make a card every now and again or want to donate supplies?
Well I am happy to announce our first card drive for the troups.  I would happily pass along any cards that are hand made (see why) A2 sized to the Operation Write Home folks I know.   Unfortunately, our hand made envelopes are not welcomed due to lack of a seal so I already have empty envelopes ready and waiting for any A2 sized cards! 

-use glitter (apparently that shows through the night vision goggles and makes the writing soldier a target)
-make too big (A2 only)
-make too personal
-use your own handwriting on them
(see site for more details)

- use your creatitivy
- consider general themes like missing you, hello, birthday, general holidays
- make something you'd want to recieve

Some of mine!

I hope you all will consider donating some time and creativity to the cause!  Apparently Operation Write Home cannot keep up with the demand.  And if you'd like information, consider touching base with the StampTramps or look at the Operation Write Home website ( or Facebook.
Thank you,

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  1. Becky - THANK YOU!!!!! Your cards are awesome!!! I hope the Cardaholics can get together again really soon. I'm so grateful for your post and all your help. Thanks again!