Monday, July 25

Too Hot!

Duct Tape pieces left over from an envie! )
Today it is a melting 100 degrees outside and little relief is forecasted for the whole weekend.  Needless to say, I am not eager to go outside!  So I decided to sort and process my work space and, get this, actually work on some things!!!  I know, novel idea.
So here are some of my creations.
Another paper bag and Day of the Dead stickers : )  Off to the Pen Thief
And also here is some of the mail I've received!

Cappuchino and Art
Sendsomething for the next few
From the Pen Thief
From Mrs. Fakefish - her zine is online in full color
Postcrossing - first from Turkey!
From Postcrossing
another beauty from Annabel
Hope this finds you well and receiving lots of mail!


  1. Thanks for keeping the post office in business!!!

  2. Looks like you will be giving somebody a good mail day! Thanks for sharing. Elle