Sunday, July 24

Thrift Store Finds - Less is More

Hello all!
How are you?  I'm taking this opportunity to stay cool by staying in and shopping.  Technically I went to Goodwill last weekend (a USA second hand store) and found a few goodies.
The stamps!  I really loved the little dancing hippo the best and have already forwarded a few on to other folks.

The book is from the early 70's and solid pictures!  If I were to ever consider destroying a book for mail art this would be it.  I bought it for $0.99 so no big costs there.

Yesterday I was down at the Bethlehem City Library and across the way was a little antique store, so I lugged my library finds over and took a look.  I found some postcards that I really liked and a few stamps.

Hope you enjoy my thrifty adventures!  Never know what you'll find in the back of some store at the bottom of a box : )
Happy Hunting my Friends!


  1. Are you planning to resend the old postcards?

  2. Sure am! Though 2 of them I want sent to me. Another great way to build an old time postcard collection- get the people you love to participate and send them back!