Monday, July 4

Some People Don't Get It

Below is a conversation with my brother at the family picnic and fireworks.

Friend: Thanks for the card.  Sorry I forgot your birthday.
Brother: I forgot her birthday too.  But speaking of that why did you send me a birthday card last month? (he's birthday is this month)
Me:  I didn't send you a birthday card.  (Thinking frantically "Did I?" Then remembering. . . )
Bro: Yes you did!
Me: No I did not!
Bro: You sent me one 2 months ago!
Me: No I did not! It was an all occasion card.  Did you even read it?
Bro: What the hell is an all occasion card? (My brother swears a lot)
Me: One that you send just because.
Bro: Why?
Friend: She just does that.  It's her thing.
Bro: (Very puzzled now) Why the hell would you send that???? It's not my birthday.
Me: -Sigh-

Sorry Mom but some people's children are clueless.  Mom still claims the mail man delivered me as I'm rather unusual compared to the rest of the family.  Take for instance, sending random mail!
Happy Fourth my friends in mail land!


  1. The mailman delivered you? How fun!

  2. As opposed to the stork- I was delivered by the mail man per mother.

  3. I like you the way you are. Tough noogies on your brother.

  4. Every time I read this post I have to laugh!

  5. I love this post. So funny

  6. Facepalm moment, right :-)

    Well, I appreciated your mail (got it this week), so thank you!