Saturday, July 16

Paper Treasures

I'm always looking for ways to spread my love of paper, and I found a few things that I had to have.  The first I found in Colorado at a home decor/ eclectic shop in Castle Rock.  The bracelet is very pretty on its own, but takes on special meaning when you see that its made of recycled newspaper and it was made in Uganda by women supporting themselves at a women's center.

The second piece I found in downtown Bethlehem.  I had an eye exam which included dilation, so I strolled around the downtown shopping until my vision improved.  I found this bute at a shop that specialized in individual artistic pieces.  I love the Japanese paper encased in it!

Here's the other side. (They have an on-line business if anybody is interested!)

I am also hoping to buy a few pieces off etsy.  I'll give you a hint, one of the folks in the blog roll has amazing paper medallions! 
Hope this finds you all indulging your habits wisely!

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