Monday, November 29

Saving Money and the Planet the Stationery Addict's Way

I am always looking for ways to save a buck, and  I recently had an idea.  Most mail is of a standard size and shape.  I also realized that many of my friends only wrote on one side of the card especially birthday cards, and this left a whole other side all unused and alone.  So sad and wasteful!
So I decided to chop them up and make postcards.  The front of the card makes a beautiful front of a postcard and the back is free for the heart felt sentiments!

I also came across these scrapbooking stickers with a backer perfect sized to cut out several postcards.

This is the leftovers after cutting the cards.  Look at how little is going to go into paper recycling.  And the paper print is this beautiful airmail vintage motif.

Just some thoughts on how to help out the pocketbook and the environment by reducing, reusing, and recycling!  I better take up post crossing to make use of all my wonderful recyclables.
I hope this finds you creatively mailing!


  1. Adding your blog to my blog roll. Enjoy your letter writing.

  2. Thank you I do appreciate that. Aways nice to hear somebody likes your stuff!