Wednesday, December 1

Random Thoughts About Mail!

I have the holidays on the brain. This is probably a common issue among many folks out there.  And before I go to far into my ramblings- Happy Hanukkah!  I'm told its not a huge holiday in the Jewish religion, but it starts today, so have a great holiday celebration!
My second ramblings regard the Mail Art 365, a wonderful project launched by My Real Wall.  Several folks jumped on the band wagon.  I opted to wait mostly due to newness to this subject.  I pledge now I will sign up next year if the repeat the experiment, but I have yet to find my creative groove and am actually suffering from major creativity block this week.  My prettiest card of the entire fall was well, pretty, but lacked a certain...artsyness.  SO I will keep experimenting and see how things fall.

And finally, this weekend there should be a big announcement about a giveaway.  Yes I've accepted the offer for a corporate sponsored give-away.  I was flattered to be chosen and hope one of the few who read this will get a great gift and for those not eligible for the give-away due to location (will be for US and Canadian residents only), I will have a consolation prize of my own making to be shipped to you!  So technically, it will be 2 drawings.  Why not? Tis the holiday season!
I hope this finds you all happily mailing!

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