Friday, November 5

Pics and Post: Sending a Part of My Life

So recently I decided to go through a bunch of photos from 2 different vacations I took last year and place them into albums.  After compiling my photos, and those from friends and family, I had several repeats and kick outs. Why would I post this under mail? 
Well I realized that 1) that it is rare these days to send mail and 2) It's even more rare to get pictures in the mail.  The advance of technology has made e-swapping pics as easy as an email.  And not to date myself, but I remember when my friends and I used to write long letters and send each other tons of photos from our summer travels. It was always fun to open the thick "don't bend, pictures enclosed" envelopes and get a glimpse into another person's life.  Admit it, we are all voyeurs!  That is why HGTV is soooo popular!

I also hate to throw these beautiful photos away, so I have decided to open up the option for my blog followers to claim them. 
Just leave me your email and we will exchange contact info, and as long as the photos last, I will send out letters containing what's left of my beautiful vacation pictures and a glimpse into my travels!
Privacy is a big thing, so I will not divulge anything you don't want me to, but I hope to have a follow up blog on this little experiment.
Hope this finds you all well and happily mailing!


  1. I totally had this idea the other day!! Sweet!

  2. Thanks for the pictures! Makes me want to go to Ireland.