Friday, November 19

I Pose a Serious Question to all Blog Viewers - Your thoughts are Much Needed.

First of all, I hit 1000 blog views today!  Thank you to the mailing community for all the support!

The issue:

I was recently approached by a company that wants to do a give-away through this site.  I have never had any grand ideas of earning income or having a sponsor for give-aways.  This is my stress reliever and hobby.  I am not sure if I should take the opportunity, and not to be discriminatory, but they have nothing to do with mail.  I think if Crane's or Hallmark had approached, I would have JUMPED on it! (and probably declared my stationary-addicted self the winner ; )  Plus the give-away is for the US and Canada only, which is not cool for all my wonderful overseas viewers and mail friends!
I also know that some of my fellow bloggers find corporate sponsorship distasteful, and I would normally agree, but I have the opportunity to use my site to give somebody a $35 gift certificate, and with the economy and the holidays . . . not so easy to decline.
So your thoughts are much welcomed!  Please help me decide and leave comments below.
And if this sways anybody here is their web-site, so anybody interested can make sure they think the company is legitimate.
As every posts should have some mail, here's last weeks pile from my friends!

I hope you all will contribute constructive comments. Thanks for the support!
My Best Wishes for your Happiness!


  1. This is a tough "situation." I agree though that your sponsor should be mail related. Mail blog = mail sponsor. But I think it is totally exciting that you were approached!! Your choice, my dear, whatever you decide, will be fine. (congrats on the 1000 views)

  2. B, I just went and looked at the shop. They have a big stationary section! And some cotton and linen writing paper. A gift certificate from there would pay for a ream!

    Follow your conscience. Even Bill Gates started in a garage, so maybe this could be the start of something neat for you.

  3. I think they've added to the site, last I looked I could find copier paper only. I think I have an idea for the international folks . . .
    I'm leaving this up till Tuesday, though its killing me not to do a new blog!

  4. I've seen a few bloggers do CSN stores giveaways that have been really successful - I think it's probably worth a go.

    (bloggers I've seen do CSN stores giveaways - &

    Sad that I wouldn't be able to enter, but I think it would be fun for those who can :D Hope that's helpful in some small way :)

  5. I would totally do it! I have ads on my blog. As long as you are honest about relationships, I don't see any problems with it.

  6. Thanks for all the comments. I think after turkey day, we will be doing some giving at this site.