Wednesday, November 17

Mail Experimentation

So I have been trying to make stationary that is more personalized for the people I write to.  I am far from the most artistic and creative person, but I think I can through a few things together and end with a decent finished project.  Though I have no grand ideas of opening an Etsy shop any time in the near future, although I could market it as mail by 8yr olds, hmm.  I'm not sure anybody would believe an 8 yr old did this, maybe 6 yr old would be more like it!?! 
Oh well, I hope you all enjoy!

Experimenting with sticker placement, for the girlie girls- right Steph?

Envelopes with some whimsy.

For my cat loving friends- I tend to be a minimalist!  Short and effective (aka, can't draw/ art deficit).

Some of my first postcard attempts.

And finally, my envelopes out of scented drawer liner paper!   It just happened to be the perfect paper thickness for envelopes.  Not only is it pretty, but it smells fabulous! 
Hopefully this has inspired you to try some of your own mail experiments.  If I am trying, and making a mockery of myself, you should to.  I learned long ago, that my friends rarely care what the packaging looks like as long as the mail is intended for them. 

I heart people who heart my letters even on ugly stationery!

Hope this finds you happily mailing!

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  1. Your stationery looks great. I can thoroughly relate, as I always feel like such an amateur when it comes to mail art. Words are my medium... paint, glue, glitter etc not so much. By the way, I got your fabulous letter today. :)