Friday, November 12

Bargains! You Never Know What You'll Find UnlessYou Look

By now, I feel you all know me well enough to know that I like a sale, a bargain, a find!  Well today I was dropping off some stuff I didn't need at Goodwill, and of course, I had to look around to see if there was anything I couldn't live without. Now, I hope none of my followers are too snobby to appreciate that Goodwill actually has some decent stuff.  You have to dig, but the finds are there and they support a good cause.  So win, win! 
And for those over seas who may not have a Goodwill, it's basically like Salvation Army.  People give things to the store they don't want anymore, and the store employs people who need work experience or are going through other difficulties in life and resales the donated items.
I didn't have to dig too long when I stumbled over bags of rubber stamps!  There were 5 bags and they were all gently used and very nice. The bags contained 4 rubber stamps apiece and cost a whopping $2.97 a bag.

And just so you know, I showed restraint and only purchased 3, (only because I had limited cash on me).  Below is a closer look at my goodies!

I also found this very well made and pretty stationery.  What drew me to it, was the very beautiful, well made box.  But the cards were not 100% my style, but easily converted to birthday cards.

Below is the contents of the box.  Apparently they were made with D. Morgan's designs and poetry.  I had heard of her work, and I have a feeling this set costs more than the $2.97 I paid

Finally-I saved the best for last, just ask My Real Wall- I found a bag of card stocks, which I wasn't going to buy until . . .

(Sorry my helper got involved in the pics, How can you not love a cat that's excited about mail?)
I saw the center layer was postcards!  None of the packs were open and all three cost $0.97 total!  To recap, I got 2 packs of card stock and 1 pack of postcard stock for that price.  Mind you most of it was white, but great for a variety of crafts!  Now I have no more excuses to not send Mischief a mail art piece, and return the Post Muse's last hand made card, which I will post in the next few days, because it was a beauty.  The whole shopping trip costs me less than $14!
I hope this finds you all supporting your mail habits frugally!
Happy Mailing,


  1. Oh B I am SO jealous of you! What a great set of bargains, especially those rubber stamps!

  2. I must confess, I've had dreams about your rubber stamp bargains B! Because of this post, I spent Saturday morning on ebay bidding for stamps. You've got me hooked on the idea of grabbing a rubber stamp bargain!

  3. Just you wait! I can always find a bargain and I share well with others.