Wednesday, November 3

Sometimes a Little Repetition is a Good Thing!

Yeah November!  For all my fellow Northerners, this is one of my favorite seasons-FALL!  But this post is more for those South of the Equator and those in complete denial about the seasons changing.  I have recently latched on to the bright repetitive patterns of petite stickers.  Call it the last hoorah for Summer.

I know I may have a problem with going overboard.  Just a little secret between me and the entire internet community -when to say when, hasn't always been a strong suit of mine.

Although this envelope shows some restraint, I have plans for the beautiful circles left over!  We'll save that for a future post.  I hope this finds you all receiving and sending lots of mail!

1 comment:

  1. Your letters and more specifically are so awesome, but are a pain to get into. LOL. Keep it up though. I love it!