Tuesday, November 16

Barbie Goes Postal

As a kid, I was a real tomboy.  I loved to be rough and tumble and roll in the dirt.  But I also seemed to be a juxtaposition, because I had my girlie moments.  Barbies, for some unknown (even to me) reasons, were the only doll I would play with, and I would only play fashion show. I spent hours of my youth mixing and matching outfits and walking them down the catwalk - probably why I love Project Runway and Heidi Klum!
So it was a great trip down memory lane when I found Barbie Stationary!

No negative mail (or body) images here.  Just good fun, with a fashion icon, a pen, and my thoughts.   Oh if my stationary collection could talk, it is a crazy mix and Barbie just adds to the eclectic ambience!

I hope this finds you all happily mailing!

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