Sunday, November 7

Enveloped in Creativity

Today I was sorting and tossing, and like every paper lover, I sometimes have a hard time of letting go of interesting bits that others would toss. That inspired me to pull out the scissors and glue and make some envelopes! 
This was always a favorite activity when I was in the Girl Scouts.  We used to cut up calendars and magazines and make gorgeous mail.  But one thing the Girl Scouts taught me, is the USPS is fussy about what they consider to be standard sized.  SO first I made a template out of a pre-existing envelope and cardboard.
My helper of course had to approve it!  And everything seemed to meet her standards, (although, I don't think cats know much about mail).  And then I found a variety of scrap paper to work with.
Later I got sticker happy and decided to "recycle" some envelopes that I didn't use for bills/ donation solicitations.
And finally, my vehicle has been targeted recently by several take out Chinese restaurants.  SO I took advantage of the free menus.

All the menus must have made my helper hungry as she started demanding supper after these were made!
Hopefully this inspires you to try something different, maybe re-purpose some materials, and send some whimsy in your everyday letters!
Happy inking,