Tuesday, November 9

Bills That Make Smiles

I've never professed to be normal.  At work, I have been voted Captain Random for the connections my mind makes and the things I sometimes blurt out.  But like everybody else, I hate bill!. I don't like seeing the money drain from my account, but maybe unlike everybody else, I think about the folks who process my bills and have to open boring envelope after boring envelope and get paid, god knows what, for their probably monotonous job.  I have a feeling it may not be a high satisfaction work environment.  
So I decided along time ago, to brighten their lives through mail!  I try to make each envelope say something fun or have a theme that might make them smile. 
So join in my letter beautification efforts and send some smiles, even if you don't necessarily like the address or reason you are sending the letter. 
As always I hope this finds you happily mailing!

1 comment:

  1. What a lovely thing to do... you have inspired me to put a little effort into beautifying my 'boring' mail.