Wednesday, November 10

Pop! Getting Visual Bang for you Buck

I found these cards intriguing, (and so did my helper).  They were in a crappy plastic bag at the bottom of a bin marked discount and the only ones I found.  The whole set of 20 costs no more than $2.  And if you can't make out the details, they are a bunch of pop-up cards with die cut pieces to complete what you want to say!
Normally the designs would not appeal to me, but the fact that they allow room for modification intrigues me.  I hope I can do them justice and rise to the challenge of creativity.  I bet they were once all part of a very nice kit complete with instructions. Well its a good thing I won't be bothered with the formality of losing the instructions as I was never very good at reading them anyway! 
As always, I hope this finds you happily mailing!

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