Monday, October 29

Hurricane Preparations?

While everybody else was preparing for the Frankenstorm that is due to hit the Eastern seaboard, I was enthusiastically sorting and gathering materials for the big Letter Social coming up this Saturday!  I can't wait!   I was warned by Tara of Hello Life to edit, and I guess I did because I wanted to bring much more to share!  Even if only a few people show, I will be happy as a witch in a broom factory!
Materials categorized and ready to go!
The event has drawn a little interest as the York Daily record called and emailed me for an interview.  Not sure when or if that will be in this week's paper, but myself and the Post Muse chimed in.  We'll see how it all pans out and just who shows. 

As far as the hurricane, I think everybody here expects to lose our power.  Hopefully the trees will stay put in the ground and the flooding will not claim any lives.  This is my first big storm in the new house and I am really hoping all goes well!

I probably won't be able to post for awhile, so here is the info again on the mail social.
When: This coming Saturday, Nov 3rd From 1-4pm
Where: The Midtown Scholar in Harrisburg, PA

See some of you there!


Saturday, October 27

More on the In

Mary Has Sound sent me this package of goodies and a probable "yes" on the head count for the letter social next Saturday in Harrisburg! Yay!

Melissa of Craftgasm sent me a nice note and a maybe for the head count for the letter social.  Darn transportation issues!

CC sent me this wonderful cigar card!  I have never seen stationery like this and if I did I would buy it up!  But luckily my ban on buying is going, well . . .okay, I'll do a post soon to update on that answer more.

From the mailbox of Juli.  I think more people correspond with her than I could comprehend!

A postcrossing from Poland

A postcrossing from Belarus I believe, but I love the traditional dress!

A few card from Nancy of the Stamp Tramps!  I liked the Monster stamp as well.  I think its safe to say it's her favorite time of year.  Don't worry Nancy, you can send these to me all year round, I won't judge!

A Russian postcrossing

Loved this cat gondolier postcrossing!

Oy Vey!  I didn't realize this was blurry postcard pic of a nice postcrossing!

Dear postcrossers, why do you hate multiviews???  I think this one is well done.  Dutch I believe of on of the islands around the Netherlands.

 I about fell off my chair when I got this letter!  It's one from my niece and the first correspondence I think she has ever sent me!  Maybe its in the genes and has been passed along???  One can hope I can get her mind open to a world of possibilities through our correspondence.
A nice postcrossing.  I think I have seen this particular picture a thousand times though.

A nice Polish postcrossing.  I do not care how my postcards get here  - in an envelope, without one.  Just use some nice stamps and send it the way you want yours.  Not that inquiring minds asked, just a general public announcement.

A lovely letter from Juli.  I think this came first. 

Remember the Halloween card from a friend who sometimes writes, 2 notes from her in a week??? Is mailing contagious? One can only hope!

This was a nice bundle from WD.  As per usual (and I am extremely grateful for it) a stamp pf the Royals! The letter is in the lower folded piece that says "start here"  It weaves in and out of a wallet like folded holder.  Always the creative one that WD is!  Origami is my cryptonite.  I am a bit special with no natural ability to draw a straight line or fold a straight one either!
I did warn this may stretch out over a few post, but who does not like looking at pretty mail?!? 

And remember the secret to a full mailbox is "Send a lot, to get a lot!"

Upside to Vacation: A Full Letterbox!

There are parts of our routine that often get thrown off while we are on vacation.  Although vacation in my opinion is vital for growth, both mentally and spiritually.  Nonetheless, getting back into the rut of routine can take a few days.  One of the things I missed was checking my mailbox.  I knew I would have some items awaiting my return, but is it not the sweetest thing when you open the box and see oodles of postcards and letters????  Apparently all the postcrossing came in at the same time!
Please enjoy the bounty presented and remember the P.O. Box is open for mail art entries!
Incoming  (this may take a few posts)
A nicely collaged envelope from Tara at Hello Life.  I had the chance to meet her while I was up in the Rhode Island area.

Some Washi embellishments from CKB who I will get to meet in a month

A hand drawn postcard from Russia on Postcrossing

A letter from Troy.  Always such lovely handwriting.

A Postcrossing from Spain

Wisconsin- add it to my list of state postcards thanks to postcrossing

Critters playing from Russia - Postcrossing

An exchange from MM on Sendsomething, I asked her from an envelope template that she was using. 

Halloween card from a friend who doesn't write often, but that's okay, I still fill her mailbox with love.

From Guiliana - A Brazilian mail artist
The next 3 look similar because they are from the same person! LR McArthur of the Elevated Envelope and I have been corresponding over a shared TV show.  These last 3 represent the last 3 episodes of Project Runway, Season 10.  Now on to All-Stars and I hope the return to color!

Outgoing box
I literally just got a new outgoing box!  I could not resist since it had the name of my old college town on it.
Found at Hobby Lobby here in PA.  I thought it was rather strange to find here of all places!

Thursday, October 25

Antique Postcard Surprise

My mom lives near the HWY 127 and frequently makes it to the endless garage sale that runs along the highway through several states. A few years ago she snagged me a Olivetti Underwood typewriter.  This year she brought me a box of vintage postcards.  The kicker is half of these are blank!  Score!
The box full

tons of vintage cards.  I have seen similar Niagara Fall cards being sold for $5 a piece, so Mom did good at $10 for the box!

I will be framing this one!

Early mail art!  Way before it was vogue or the term was even coined.

Some more images, these were the written on stack.

And finally a few from a coworker.  She decided to buy me some on a recent family outing!  The Boolesque is obviously an ad, but I like ad cards just fine.
Awesome stash!

Tuesday, October 23


Well folks, today I was going to post my received mail but my camera batteries died, so until that can be corrected, I wanted to take a moment to mention the amazing connections we all have to each other as a group that actively writes letters and seeks out others that do the same.
I got an email of thanks from Daniel for some postcards.  I like random acts of mailing and happen to see his pot on send something with a very sad addendum saying that Venezuela currently has no outgoing mail.  There is some issue with their mail system/ postal budget.  He can receive, just not send.
Funny thing is the same day my letter arrives, so does one from the Post Muse! I had to chuckle.  Just so happens the Post Muse and I are working on a Letter Social together, so small world isn't it! 
Check out Daniel's Blog for more details on the Venezuela Postal System and to see the post about the mail received.

Just something to think about on this gloomy day with no camera!
My Bests,

P.S. Make sure to check in next week as I am working on a big, no huge, mail extravaganza featuring something I love!

Sunday, October 21

Going Postal - Decorating

Hello all,
Since I live alone except for the furry menaces, I get to chose my styling.  I finally found the finishing pieces to make my little conversation area scream about my obsession. 

The pillows are found hit or miss at Marshalls and TJ Maxx.  The magnificent although not very functional mailbox (which can be wall mounted) was found at Hobby Lobby!  Absolutely love that piece.  It probably will find another home eventually but for right now the bratty catties have left it alone and if they do knock it over, its metal so we should be okay.  On the table is a recent acquisition, a postcard appraisal book from the thrift store.  It is not overly helpful, but interesting.

Please ignore the eighties decor around the space, the house is a fixer and I have yet to fix much!   Working on it in my head.

Happily Going Postal,

Friday, October 19

Telling History with the Help of Postcards

The second part of my vacation was a quick excursion into Massachusetts to visit the New Bedford Whaling Museum.  I have read a lot about New Bedford in various novels and thought this was an excellent side trip.  Eventually I want to visit all 50 states and this is a nice step into this state.
 The large model ship that extends almost 3 stories up its in a wing of the museum.
 Some postcards showing the history of the Portuguese people in settling the New Bedford area and how they were a big part of the whaling industry.
 A view from the Whaling Museum's overlook.  This port is still one of the busiest in the USA as far as fishing and amount of catch brought in.
Some more postcards that help tell the story of the whaling industry and the immigrants that settled here.
It's amazing what you can learn about history from an old postcard!

Happy Travels!

Wednesday, October 17

The Littlest State and a Big Vacation

I am back from vacation and had a great time visiting the littlest state of Rhode Island.  It is a pretty little state filled with sailing, ocean views, and history.  A big part of my trip was spent in Newport, RI doing the tourist thing of seeing the Newport Mansions

These mansions were built at the end of the Victorian gilded age and are stunning.  They are very ostentatious and elaborate.  Unfortunately no photography was allowed in the interior spaces.  But here are a few of the different places we saw in photos.
Downtown Wharf in Newport

The Elms Mansion Entrance

A fountain on the Elms property.  I loved the haunting eyes!

Along the scenic ocean drive

Fort Adams at sunset

The Breakers is the most popular and visited house.  I loved the tourist peaking into the play house.  I can image the children who played there doing the same! 

Rosecliff side garden.  I liked the whimsy of the bather statue

Rosecliff is gaurded by a pair of these.

The toll bridge that extends into Newport from Western Rhode Island.  It is actually quite large and long!
While in RI I connected with an old friend and a pen pal Tara- dactyl at Hello Life.  It was great to see them both!   Hope neither was too shaken by the earthquake today.  I heard it was very mild so no worries.

For now, happy travels my friends!