Sunday, July 31

Hiatus or Slow Down or Temporary Insanity? I Plead Them All!

Dear readers and pen friends,
I find my creativity is lacking a bit on what to say on the blog and I am falling behind a lot on my mail therefore I will be taking a brief hiatus to enjoy summer.  No worries- it won't be a long one!  More of a slow down if you will.

I'll try to gather myself for one big post a week, but now is the time to be doing things!  So that's what I'll be up to.   If there is anybody to blame, then blame my fabulous friends for all finding time to visit this August!  Love them and can't wait to catch up!
And know I will continue to respond to any sent letters in as timely a fashion as I can muster. 
Again, I repeat, a temporary slow down!
Hope this finds you all enjoying your summers! 

Friday, July 29

Some Inspiration

Hello all-
Recently I feel like I want to grow and do more making of my own stationery.  So I trekked down to the library to scout out the paper crafts section.  I also looked around at a few bookstores and here are some of my recent inspirations.
First book was found at the Moravian Bookstore and its on the old art of papercutting.  Apparently both the Germans and Japanese have a long history in this art form.  Who knew?!?
Next was an accidental stumble!  Mr. Matisse in his old age and poor health turned to paper art! Hmmm- not a terribly hard thing to mimic and very beautiful fluid imagery!

Here's my attempt- a postcard to my lovely Chantel!

Then I found these lovely books at the local discount chain and they make me smile.
The collage book looked crappy and cheap at first glance.  I was looking at it last weekend wondering why did I buy this- then I looked inside and was very very happy to find a plethora of ideas!  The book gives both the history on the artist and demonstrates how to create a work inspired from their art work.  I found Mr. Matisse here again!

The second book is a sassy card making book.  These cards aren't your traditional but very fun.  I'm not sure how many of their designs that I will recreate, but it's interesting!

So next time you find yourself short of motivation- remember that you don't have to spend a lot or go very far, just look around for a good book!
Any other points of inspiration out there!?!

Monday, July 25

Opportunity to Donate for Operation Write Home

Hello folks,
How is everybody today?  I had a recent brainstorm and my friend over at the StampTramps and I thought we'd open up the opportunity for creative mailers to help support the troups. 
I know many of you have written letters and then some folks like the StampTramps make cards for the soldiers to write home on.  But what to do when you are like myself and only make a card every now and again or want to donate supplies?
Well I am happy to announce our first card drive for the troups.  I would happily pass along any cards that are hand made (see why) A2 sized to the Operation Write Home folks I know.   Unfortunately, our hand made envelopes are not welcomed due to lack of a seal so I already have empty envelopes ready and waiting for any A2 sized cards! 

-use glitter (apparently that shows through the night vision goggles and makes the writing soldier a target)
-make too big (A2 only)
-make too personal
-use your own handwriting on them
(see site for more details)

- use your creatitivy
- consider general themes like missing you, hello, birthday, general holidays
- make something you'd want to recieve

Some of mine!

I hope you all will consider donating some time and creativity to the cause!  Apparently Operation Write Home cannot keep up with the demand.  And if you'd like information, consider touching base with the StampTramps or look at the Operation Write Home website ( or Facebook.
Thank you,

Too Hot!

Duct Tape pieces left over from an envie! )
Today it is a melting 100 degrees outside and little relief is forecasted for the whole weekend.  Needless to say, I am not eager to go outside!  So I decided to sort and process my work space and, get this, actually work on some things!!!  I know, novel idea.
So here are some of my creations.
Another paper bag and Day of the Dead stickers : )  Off to the Pen Thief
And also here is some of the mail I've received!

Cappuchino and Art
Sendsomething for the next few
From the Pen Thief
From Mrs. Fakefish - her zine is online in full color
Postcrossing - first from Turkey!
From Postcrossing
another beauty from Annabel
Hope this finds you well and receiving lots of mail!

Sunday, July 24

Thrift Store Finds - Less is More

Hello all!
How are you?  I'm taking this opportunity to stay cool by staying in and shopping.  Technically I went to Goodwill last weekend (a USA second hand store) and found a few goodies.
The stamps!  I really loved the little dancing hippo the best and have already forwarded a few on to other folks.

The book is from the early 70's and solid pictures!  If I were to ever consider destroying a book for mail art this would be it.  I bought it for $0.99 so no big costs there.

Yesterday I was down at the Bethlehem City Library and across the way was a little antique store, so I lugged my library finds over and took a look.  I found some postcards that I really liked and a few stamps.

Hope you enjoy my thrifty adventures!  Never know what you'll find in the back of some store at the bottom of a box : )
Happy Hunting my Friends!

Friday, July 22

When is a Paper Bag More?

When its an envelope of course!

I thought hmm . . . I like the rawness of the material and thought it would match well with the cowboy and Indian theme.  I hope the receiver likes it too!

I also like the graphics of labels- hmm future post?

Thursday, July 21

Designing Ways

Hello all,
I have not posted on a stationery company of product that I just really liked in awhile.  But the other day I was in Marshall's (I know- I should have stayed away but that's why it is called a stationery addiction), I found some more of the Cynthia Rowley's collection. 
What I love is the fun patterns she uses and mixes.  Not only do they come with a scratch pad, but there is also post-its. And we all know (or should) that post-its make great labels!

 She is apparently a well known fashion designer but also makes matching pen and pencil sets, stationery caddies, designed home tools (hammer, tape measure), and has her own line of designer band aids.  I haven't bought any of them, but the paper seems to be multiplying in my collection : )

Wishing you creative paper for creative writing!

Wednesday, July 20

When Its too Hot and to be Cold

Today is wicked hot and humid outside.  I also got sent home sick with some kind of chest/ head funk.  Being sick is never fun- add humid to marginal breathing and you have me staying in and catching up on mail.

Here are some more letters and postcards recieved.  I've been a wee bit overwhelmed with life and the incoming, but happy too!  It's always nice to get mail!

From Malyss
And some postcards

Via Postcrossing - link to the side!

My first from Estonia!
And some more letters!


BACK. From Tara at Hello Life
I hope you all are feeling well!

Monday, July 18

Fold Overs that Rock - (Well fly and float)

Hello all,
Many of my long time readers may remember my fold-over January and Febuary months.  I do not like fold overs very well but I think they could be very ecological, in that they only use a single sheet of paper for the note and envelope. 
Well I found these butes at Marshall's (again)
These notes had notes and diagrams on how to turn them into other things.
Fly away with a paper airplane

Sail away on a boat
They do come with envelopes but could easily be folded and mailed.

And finally - A mailbox and Fortune!  What do they have to do with the other two?  Well  I found them all at Marshalls and they are all made by the same extraordinary company, Potter Style

With a list of you choose fortunes
Not really transformative, but cool and you can customize!

I must admit I've seen these all before at art shops and decor stores, but I was never willing to pay the $15/ box for them.  I got them all for $3.99/ box- much better for this stationery addict on a budget.
I hope this finds your mailboxes running over with mail!