Monday, September 3

Weekend Incoming

Hello all,
I try to keep on top of posting the incoming as I respond to it. I hope everybody had as productive weekend as I have!  I really got a lot of work done on the basement (cleaning, painting, demolition!), which is why I have not been able to keep up as much as I would like, but here is some pretty mail to distract you!
 Above and below are from DF.  She recently has sent me more state postcards.  I've been doing a project on SendSomething to collect all the states in postcards and I am happy to say I am over half way there!
Above is Mickey "helping" with the postcards - a postcrossing from Germany

A message from the sea from Picadilly post.  She is the master of packages!

 A nice note from my old pal Wolfey!  Hey, I've seen those calendar sheets before!
 A fashionable letter from LR discussing Project Runway and our favorites!
I lost a few pics last time I posted the incoming, but I could only remember forgetting the PC from Craftgasm.  Sorry if anybody sent me something and it didn't get up here.  I am only missing 2 of 3 - so not many!

 A little note from C. Bo on Send Something
Another new friend from Send Something.  And some of the nicest handwriting I've ever seen!

 A nice note from one of the Stamp Tramps.  Congrats again on hosting the OWH card party and making 750+ cards!
Who do I know in Alaska?  No literally.  This card arrived with no signature.

Hope this finds your mailboxes full!



  1. i hope you have received my letter... starting to worry it has vanished

  2. No worries Roxy! I have it. You are at the top of the to repsond to pile.