Wednesday, September 26

Earthscapes Forever!

Hello all!  I was ordering stamps the other day and I almost forgot about the Earthscapes set that is due out October 1st!  This was honestly one of the stamps I looked forward to the most right behind the dragon and cherry blossoms! 
These are beautiful stamps that celebrate the Earth in 3 separate categories, industrial, agricultural, natural.  To read more check out the Philatelic blog or order on line at the USPS site.  I pre-ordered several sheets of these because I think they will fly right off the self especially at my new smaller post office.

By the way if you want to support your local post office and your PO Box is at one and your home address is through another, which ever way you order your stamps that post office is the one that gets the credit per my local post office people (so it could possibly be wrong).  But I did order the stamps to go to my PO Box branch since they are smaller and more personable!

So excited to get them!


  1. Oh I love when new stamp sets come out!! Do you collect them? I'm too cheap to save any for collecting, I'd rather be sending stuff, haha. But some of these stamps really do deserve collecting; they're gorgeous.

    1. I don't really collect them as much as stash them back. I know if I really like something and it goes away, then its my fault for not anticipating my needs. I fortunately love the Celebrate stamp and its not going anywhere soon!