Wednesday, September 12

Care to Send Something Fun!

Hello all,
I hope this finds you having as beautiful of weather as we are in the MidAtlantic!  I opted to mow today, not because I had to, but because it was so beautiful!  Life and house are keeping me busy, but not busy enough to prevent a blog post inspired by a package I received from Piccadilly Post
What a nice surprise after a long day at work!

The next layer should the compartments.  "Daisy" is really great at layering and all "the little things" that look nicely put together instead of stuffed in there - (which I admit is more my style.  Cram it in till you can't cram in any more!)

What's inside the packages? !

And at the bottom is some pretty stationery! 
I think her package has kicked off something in my head!  I am a big care package sender and my close friends routinely get little things that I collect because they remind me of that person. But with all the influx of stationery and bits, I think I may have to randomly mail out some more.  I challenge you all to consider trying it yourself!
Also consider commenting and sharing about a care package you got that made your day!  Maybe you have ideas that others can use to spruce up their packages!

And here's one I sent out to the winner of the stationery contest.  I used stickers to polka-dot it!
Hope this finds you sending a smile and sharing your bounty with others!

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  1. Beautiful packages, very lucky to have received such great things!