Sunday, September 23

In the Mailbox!

Here are some more wonderful letters and postcards from the post!  We have some old friends, some new ones, and a variety of postcrossings passing through.

A great package from Tara!  It's official that I will be heading out the Newport, RI in the middle of October.  Tara was sending me some brochures to help me plan.

A wonderful note from my friend and her 2 boys!

 A nice note from a friend who had to move away from me! Sad for the loss but happy she gets to start a new chapter in her life.
Another friend who is starting a new chapter in her life!  Study hard JK!

 A postcrossing from Russia.  I have received several cards like this from there.  Anybody know the story behind them?
An excellent photo made into a postcard.  My question is why does the postage need to be sanitary?  Was there a bunch of contaminated stamps at one time?
A postcrossing from IN.  This is the Indiana State University campus.

A nice letter from CKB who is also starting out on a year of journey.  You can follow along at her blog.

A great letter from Wolfey and Bombalurina

Here LR demonstrates both pattern and color.  Something sorely lacking from this season of Project Runway.  So far I only feel as though I understand 2 of the designers sensibility.  Everybody else is a bit thrown off this season. 

A letter from Troy!  He also had to make a life change this year.  Seems to be a theme.
A colorful letter from the south of France.  Happy Travels Malyss!

2 postcrossing cards. 

Last but not least, a great hand made card from NF!  Go cardoholics!
I hope this finds you all well and getting, receiving lots of mail.


  1. Those crazy like you've been keeping the postman busy.

  2. Hello Becky! How are you :-) I just wanted to pop by and say hi and that Im back!! I have been in hospital for over 3 months and have just got home and am excited to do some creative things and MAIL :-)! I'm going to have a read of your blog now, see what you've been doing!
    Hope you're well. Much love xo