Saturday, September 22

Random Stationery and a Vow

As a stationery addict, I find things routinely that are papery and cute.  But the addict part is becoming apparent as my office is crammed with stationery and I have no where else to put it, so it is being stacked up.  Here are some recent editions.
from Target
From Pier One Clearance

I vow as you all as my witnesses to try my hardest to not buy any more stationery for this month unless it supports a small batch card maker OR is dirt cheap.  And even if it dirt cheap, I am going to be very picky! 
I figure I have all these wonderful supplies, I really should start using them to make my own stationery goodness and the only way I will do that is to stop buying.
There, I've done it.  I am taking the first step in breaking the habit!  Any words of encouragement are appreciated.  I can hear Goodwill taunting me already!


  1. Ah, temptation!when I don't want to buy anymore, the only thing that can stop me is not to go downtown anymore.If I don't see things, I don't want them. I don't know if it will be a good advice for you.. :o)

    I'll be away for 3 weeks. So don't worry if you get no news!

  2. More lovely stationery acquisitions! You always seem to have great luck with the bargain finds! The elephant cards are adorable. Is that an applique style? Nice to mix the print with the solid.

    While I am definitely not the best one to be cheering you on; as I too am a member of the too much stationery under one roof club! I will do my best to cheer you on for your goals! You may want to consider a second tier of support in your goal. Four suggestions:

    1- For every 10-30 (your choosing) items sent/used you can then treat yourself to bringing something else in. But, with the stipulation that it be a most favorite or loved item, not just a good deal.

    2-Surprise your sendee with an enclosed card/stationery item for them to use. I do this and it is a great way to share some of your collection of items.

    3-Purge/clear out some items that may no longer be favorites and send them off to someone who could benefit from and most definitely utilize them - such as a college student or other pen friend you know who would appreciate them. I have done this with pens as well as greeting cards and blank note cards.

    4-Bring with/donate items to your next social mailing event. I'm sure there will be a lot of interest in what you provide. The items will definitely be utilized!

    Looking forward to hearing about your progress!

    1. I do well at sharing and every time I get a stationery box empty, I load it with misc supplies and send it out to some unsuspecting pen pal. Makes us both happy! Do you also have the problem that everybody keeps giving you stationery as gifts?

  3. Not many know about my hobby/interest, so I do not receive stationery as gifts. I like the idea of using the empty stationery box as a gift box of miscellaneous items!