Tuesday, September 4


Okay, so the first step to helping yourself, is admitting you have a problem.  I have a huge problem/ talent of finding excellent deals on stationery.  Depends on how you see it.  I have not been to my favorite stationery places in awhile, but the other day I found myself with the opportunity to stop in and guess what I found.
No really . . .take a second and guess!
Each box is 20 cards with 4 designs
Pomegranate stationery at $3.99 a box.  This is only half of the selection available.  I was actually choosy about my purchases. 
10 cards and 2 designs.
And these were $2.99 a box

And these were on the sale rack.  That's right - Jim Holtz, idea-ology cards!  The dinosaur stickers were a dollar a sheet!  And do I know a dino loving girl who will enjoy these?!?

All in all, a great haul!  But wait, there's more.  If you too have a stationery problem, then post below and one lucky person drawn at random will receive a set of 20 mix and match cards featured in this story.  Drawing is limited to the United States, just due to the cost of postage.  Please also leave an email or other contact info if I do not already have it.  For privacy, if you do not want your email out there, leave 2 comments - one for the blog and one for me.  Since I view all comments prior to posting, I can filter those out who do not want to be public!

You have until Saturday (9-8-12) to enter.

I am a stationery addict, are you?


  1. Am I a stationery addict? Seriously do you have to ask?!?! I'd love to partake of your haul. I'll send you a private email.

  2. Can't believe you can find such cheap things!!
    Or maybe you've got a special nose for that?! :o)

  3. what an amazing find! im jealous i wish we had stores that sold this type of stuff somewhere near me!

  4. I want to roll around in pretty pretty paper. What is the name of your paeper store?? I would love to win some pretty cards!!

  5. Surprisingly TJ Maxx and Marshalls have great stationery and that's where I usually find my Cynthia Rowley Stationery and Pomegranate as above! And lots of Martha Stewart Living crafts

  6. The Pomegranate stationery is beautiful!

    The ideaology cards are awesome, too. I haven't picked up any of those yet. (His name is actually Tim Holtz, he just has a very loopy signature! His craft supplies are addicting.)

  7. What a great haul! I love T J Maxx and Marshall's . I can get myself into trouble there very easily, lol! I guess that must mean that I'm addicted as well! I'd love to participate in your drawing!

  8. Ooohhh, I'm hooked too. Can't stop myself buying postcards and stickers! And I looooove cheap :-)
    Monique (the Netherlands)

  9. Yes I'm very bad about it, too. It's a joke in the family.