Saturday, September 15

Can You Type B-A-R-G-A-I-N?

Hello all,
I know I have a knack for thrifty mail finds, but today goes down in history!  First I want to start by saying I am not much for garage sales.  I just do not usually find what I am after at the typical garage sale.  Most people are selling clothes and household, but I am more interested in antiques, paper and crafting, and books.  On occassion, I will see something that makes me want to stop or have a gut feeling that I should. 
Today was one of those gut feeling days and when I saw the sign that said barn sale, I turned the vehicle and went for a ride!  Lucky for me, because I found the below beauty in its original, slightly rough leather satchel.
It's a small traveling typewriter!  And in decent shape!  None of the keys are seized up, but it needs a ribbon and a good oiling.
The book gives you a reference to its size.  That is a standard sized hand held novel that I also got today for $1. 
Now what do you think you would pay for that old typewriter?  $20? More or less?
I am a fan of American Pickers and followed their advice of first pointing out the flaws before asking a price.  The guy came back with $5.  I did not even argue at that price and trotted away with the mini machine!
But my luck did not stop there!  As I was driving down Broad Street in Bethlehem heading towards the semi-annual library book sale, I noticed a typewriter store!
I must have driven by there close to a 100 times and this was the first time I noticed the place!  They were not open, but by the sign where they listed hours open, it said "Call, I usually make it in after the noon hour"  I have a feeling, this is going to lead to another post and a good story for my pen pals!
Until then, keep your eyes open and happy thrifting my friends!


  1. You really had a great day!what a lovely find! That's the first time that I write that , but this "typewrite is sooo cute" !!Lucky you!

  2. Amazing! I've never seen such a small typewriter.