Monday, September 24

Stereo-TYPED Collector

If you had to envision a stereotypical collector of typewriters, who would come to mind?  If you envisioned somebody like me (30's, female, educated, animal lover, not afraid to tackle home repairs), then you'd be correct! 
I added another bargain typewriter to my collection, although this one is technically a VERY early electric.

The funny thing is I had a gut feeling I should stop at Goodwill and take a look after leaving the typewriter repair place.  Sometimes my gut feelings do not pan out, but sometimes they do!  I like it even if its not a true manual.  I feel like it is early enough that it could be a bridging piece.

This brings the total to 3.  Does 3 classify as a collection?  I have a feeling it will grow especially since my family knows I like them and I am that hard to buy for relative!  I am also very glad I found a typewriter repair store in Bethlehem, PA to help me out!  The new one has some minor issues, and I would like the guys at Herbert's Typewriters to take a look at it and give me an idea of age and cost to repair the old Smith Corona.  They took a look at my old Olivetti Underwood and had a mini affair with it.  I was told to never let it go!  The new Royal Elite did not excite the guys as much, but I have a feeling it's going to be my favorite just because the Olivetti Underwood is hard on the fingers with its typing.  My mother and a few friends are on a strict order to keep their eyes open for more.  So it's started, a new collection of beautiful old machines!
Add me to the stereo-typed!

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