Wednesday, August 15


Since I missed a post this weekend due to technical malfunction, I will make an effort to get the incoming up over the next few days.  Here's a short view of some of the older incoming.
From a good friend, baby pictures!
A nice bundle of goodies from the Piccadilly Post!
Tales of Africa from the Wolf - ster
A bright and cheery note from NB in the Netherlands
 A nice note from a friend going through some tough times.
 LR and our ongoing Project Runway - Make it work, note an episode
 A great collaged envelope and letter from Tara (Hello Life)
A note from JK and good luck on here new life path!

If you have been noticing a lack of Postcrossing cards, it's simply been shear lack of participation.  I am 250ish in to sending and have 10 not registered.  From what I gather, half are due to the people no longer being of interest and 5 are Russia and China.  I have sent the cards multiple times and just given up.  I feel like I have a bad rep with so many not hitting their destinations.  But nevertheless, some have caught up with me by forwarding, so you'll be seeing a few.

Hope this finds you well!

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