Sunday, August 19

Been Busy

Well I promised a post the next day and its turned into 3.  Below are 2 photos of why that happened.
Somebody attacked a varmint and got a scratched eye.

The summer fruit is on!  Time to harvest and store it.
And now for the incoming!
A nice package from WD about her travels to the land of Anne of Green Gables.

A short note from the Missive Maven

A nice letter from MN- a very old friend!

From Mary Has Sound.  Another state postcard to add to my collection.
From Juli's travels, a beautiful postcard of the Pacific NW

DF is helping me out with collecting all the states with this bute

 The next 3 are all part of LRM and my discussions of the tenth season of Project Runway.  I have to rewatch the episode today to make my comments.

LRM - Project Runway

A modified box from the Picadilly Post.  She spoils me with mail!

A lovely postcard from Sendsomething. 

A postcrossing.  I love the Russian foods postcard

A nice letter from Malyss of her beautiful French Riviera with a corresponding envelope.  

Well folks I hope this finds you all writing and receiving plenty of beautiful mail!

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