Tuesday, August 21

Family Treasures

My Mother surprised me with a box of goodies on her last trip.  She sorted through a lot of old stuff at home and found some old postcard correspondence between herself and my Grandfather.  My Grandfather was not one to let grass grow under his feet and decided to join the Merchant Marines in the late 1940's so that he could travel around the world.  He was also a stamp collector, although not much of a writer.

A small group of memories that has been entrusted to me.   I have decided to start them in a scrapbook called The Intangible Tangibles.  Maybe one day I will be able to give it on to one of my nephews.
I am pretty sure he would approve of my pen palling and be right there with me discovering the new stamps of the world if he were still alive.  But maybe in a way he still is with me, in his postcards and pictures.


  1. Oh , the kind of situation that I love!It's like if your grandfather sent you a sign through times! I like to cross stitch, and one day, when my grandmother died , I found in her appartement many cross stitched things she had kept from her own mother!I saw a sign there. If we like something , there's a reason, and maybe it's that we had an ancestor liking the same thing.

  2. It's pretty obvious that your grandfather's spirit is living on!