Tuesday, August 28

Card Making Party

While I was working away at my job, my fellow crafters were have a big get together for a great cause.  The Stamp Tramps helped put together an Operation Write Home card making party this last Saturday.  To see more, go to their site.  They made over 750 cards this last Saturday!  Amazing ladies, and congrats!

Operation Write Home is a non profit group that encourages crafters to make cards for the troops to write home with and they always accept any hero letters to send to troops to help keep their spirits up while serving.

On occasion I try to put my thinking hat on and make a few myself. Enjoy the washi tape, Chinese character cards I made this last weekend since I missed the big shindig.

 A progression with washi to add the joy to the design!
Using the washi to create pattern
 I ran out of peaceful paper but I got to use tile, so that's cool!
 No washi, just simplicity.  I don't think you can appreciate how shiny the underlying black is.
an oops!  But I still liked it.  Nothing a little washi tape couldn't improve!

My best to all and congrats to the Stamp Tramps!


  1. i like the cause, the soldiers away from home. And I like the cards you made!

  2. Lovely cards!!! I really like them and would you like to swap postcard with me?

  3. Thanks, Becky! We'll be having a Meetup soon to finish all the kits we made for the party! Hopefully it'll be on a good day for you! Your cards look great, I'll be seeing your name on the Thankful Thursday list soon, no doubt!