Sunday, August 26

Back to You

I thought I would change up the title, but this is the incoming mail post.  I have been very diligent about writing multiple letters to reduce the backlog and I think I am catching up.  I have a feeling that I have replied to so many this last week, that I will have to break this into 2 posts.
 Postcrossing above and below.  One is directly from Germany and actually an old photo and the other is a German living in Great Britain.

Alphonse helping with MC's letter from SendSomething

 A nice note from my old pal Wolfey!  She no longer blogs, but keeps in touch.
 Rift Vegan sharing a view from Oregon.  A sendsomething exchange.
A Huh?  Some random mailing from postcrossing.  Hard to explain, but from a company not a person, best I can tell.

 TMC at Return to Rural sent me one of the postcards she won in my give-away.  Sorry I did not reply TMC, but I couldn't find your address in my computer or your site : (  Remember folks to include a return address if you want a return note.
 Another SendSomething exchange from RobotMad
 Lovely flowers from my friend Scott.  I write him and a group of others routinely and on occasion they reply!  Persistence pays!
 Above and below are from LR.  We write weekly right now to discuss Project Runway.  We both love it and the characters they get on the show.

A very nice note and a wooden postcard from my postcrossing turned pen pal friend Potato.  Good luck on your next phase in life!

A nice bundle from Miss Hannah over at Mailbox Happiness

Well that's a good start.  I will have more up soon!
My Best,


  1. Sorry to forget a return address! I thought I had yours written in my address book but it appears not. It's somewhere around here! When I find it, I'll send something else along.

  2. Do you know that in France , Nancy Drew is called Alice Roy?! i had all her books when I was a child!
    I love the 1st old pic!

    1. Did not know that! So what were the Hardy Boys called?