Saturday, August 4

An Office Space

I have been in this house long enough to have a few projects done.  I have many many more to get done with, but here is the tiny office put together in a much better way.
The before picture.  All 3 of the cats had to investigate.  I would say they helped, but after Alphonse knocked over the shelf a few times, I think better of boasting about his "helper" status. And yes he really is "that big"!  If he were human, I think they would say he was in the 90th percentile for growth.

Now my office space is T-I-N-Y (8 foot by 9 foot) so it was very hard to take photos in.  But here are the shots as best as I could accomplish.
Through the door one direction and below is the other.
I still need to work on clearing the desk and completely organizing the items.
Bookshelves and storage oh my! 
Lots of stationery and postcards are housed in these!
I liked the idea of an alternative seating area and went to target for this ottoman.  Unfortunately I also bought more supplies.  Everybody knows that Target sells washi tape right?  There are 4 rolls in each set.  And a letter opener - needed that!
My shelf above the bookshelf.  I will probably put cork on either side for additional work space (once I find it).  My Dad made both for me once upon a time.  
I think I still need to find a dog bed!  If one pet isn't watching me, I am sure another one will be.
The best invention ever!  A closet that automatically turns on its light whenever you open the door!  More shelving in here.  A person can never have too much!
A view of my beautiful backyard through a sudden downpour!  When it's sunny or winter, I am sure I will be in here often. 

I know this wasn't technically stationery, but I have promised more pictures of the house as I go along! 
I hope this finds you creating in a good space!


  1. I love seeing your office, but mostly I love seeing the kitties :)

    Send that downpour west!

  2. Target carries washi tape?! : )

    1. A very limited selection, but yes they do in the office supplies isle.

  3. You say it's a tiny place, but I'd like to have such a room for me alone!!For my eyes, it's looking like a palace!