Tuesday, August 7

My FaceBook Post - a Grass Root's Approach to Saving USPS

I decided to put this out there on Facebook and see if anybody takes me up on the offer.  This is something I encourage all of you to consider copying.  Literally or figuratively.  I'm all about a grass roots campaign to help.

My Post

"I am tired of hearing how the post office is doing poorly, so I am here to take action. The biggest reason people say they do not send mail is it costs too much, no time to write, or texting is so much quicker. Well for the next 10 people who like this post I will send you a piece or real mail. Maybe once you realize the importance of the TIME it took me to write this to you, the MONEY I spent on sending it, and the invaluable real physical connection it brings to you of me, then maybe you might reconsider the value this institution brings to us all!"
Much love!

And much love to all of you as well.


  1. Great idea Becky! :) Have you gotten any response to your FB post yet?

  2. So far its been positive. It's been 8 hours and I have 8 takers (I keep my friends limited). I am considering a pay it forward campaign where I send a stamped postcard to send to another friend in the letter I write them.

  3. I just sent a piece of mail your way yesterday!

  4. I like that you send a stamped postcard to encourage them to send mail! So curious to hear how this goes....

  5. What a great idea sending a stamped postcard for them to send to another friend! I can't wait to hear how this goes!!