Monday, October 18

This says it all!

I was writing letters this weekend and was extremely pleased with this envelope decoration.  I found some really cheap transfers at Michaels and think they look stellar on the envelopes and cards. 

And really this envelope sums up how I feel about mail and my friends.
Who by the way, under the threat of me getting pen pals, have started to write back!  My snail mailbox has never been so full!
Hope you all enjoy it and that this finds you happily mailing!


  1. Addendum, I liked it sooo well that I changed my profile pic to this instead of the letter I received from Just Letter Rip.

  2. I saw those transfers at Michael's and I love them. This looks great! Also, I love your blog, so I'm following now. :)

  3. Your snailmail arrived! It will be in tomorrows lecture and is on tonights REAL wall!