Saturday, October 23

I'm an inspiration???

I have friends all over the place and I believe people come in and out of your life at various times for various reasons.  I recently reconnected with an old school buddy of mine.  We went to a very rural district and were in class together from the third grade till graduation, and lost contact until recently.
What does this have to do with mail you might ask?  Well I was telling my buddy about my geeky mail obsession and mentioned mail art.  I directed her to a few sites, and poof!  My old friend just happens to be an elementary art teacher.  She immediately saw value in mail art and decided to try it on her students. 
SO they did a project.  The kids sent out their decorative treasures and they would post what they got back.
Here's a lovely card from her

and the envelope it came in.

I can't wait to see what her students came up with and got back, but I am sorry to say I may not be able to post it here as privacy issues and all.  But it's funny how a simple conversation can affect so many.  And anybody who hasn't stopped by the Real Wall should and see how he turned a conversation into teaching a class on mail art!
Hope this finds you all happily mailing!


  1. Thanks for the plug B and thanks again for all the mail. You have a piece of post in the mail for you as I write.

    There is so much potential for mailart and good old fashioned mail to be used in schools. As I mentioned to my students, criticism hurts when it's local but not so much when it comes from across the globe, but praise is universal. Not that there is much negativity in the world of mailart anyway.

    As you know from following my REAL wall, I discovered my inner artist through mailart, and I hope that by running these talks I can inspire more people to find art

  2. Your welcomed! I predict mail to be the new coming fad and really nobody has challenged the traditional aspect of the envelope since the fold over.