Sunday, October 10

My stationary addiction, on sale!

I know, I know.   I need more stationary like I need a new hole in my head.  But I swear I have developed some restraint!  I only bought this supper cute stuff because it was a terrific sale.  This was $0.67 US!
And the envelopes are very pretty as well!

I also found this at the local buy out store and absolutely love not only the cards but the very pink envelopes.

Yes you may have seen this stationary before in a previous posts, but I was forced to buy a second box when it went half price.  And as it was already less than $3, I couldn't pass up a second box! 
I do realize I have a problem!  A problem that I hope my friends very much appreciate, as they are the true beneficiaries. 
Actually Alison called me while I was buying this and instead of talking me out of it, reminded me I should get my Halloween cards out soon!  I love my friends, but they are enablers to my stationary addiction!  At least I keep it cheap when I can.
I hope this finds you receiving lots of beautiful mail (and not the bill kind)!

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