Tuesday, October 12

How to make a good first impression

So my mail experimentation continues.  I was in the scrapbooking isle at the local craft and I saw some very budget friendly borders.  Can't beat the bang you get for this buck spent.

How could you not be happy recieving this?  I have to say, I love the free form look.  Below is the back of the envelope.

I guess I love to make the envelopes beautiful.  You know what they say about making a good first impression!
Easy, breezy, beautiful - envelope covers!

Hope this finds you happily mailing and recieving beautiful things!


  1. Really beautiful. Why didn't I think of using scrapbook borders to liven up envelopes?! I love the photos. Thanx.

  2. OMG I have my first comment! You've made me soooo happy!

  3. That envelope looks awfully familiar! Wait, I am looking at it right now! Thanks snail mailer!!!