Tuesday, October 19

Now for Something Different

I really like cutting out words from ads and magazines and pasting them to make notes, but its so time consuming and sometimes messy, (depends on whose helping).  But my adventures in the scrapbooking isle have lead me to word stickers.  I recently decided to use a bunch and write a long letter to a friend. 

I have to say I liked the effect a lot.  I have a feeling I will be doing this over and over again to refine my technique.  I'm sure this note made her smile and feel loved : ) Plus its a nice touch to make a visual impact and carry the eye through the letter. And as I have little to no artistic ability, I think this is an easy way to appear crafty. 
Hopefully this also finds you all smiling and happily mailing!

1 comment:

  1. Love the idea, but feel it may have a "serial note" attachment to it. lol