Saturday, October 16

Reminiscing about Tico Times

The other day I saw a little note book and I decided to take a second look.  I am a big list maker, so little notebooks are wonderful and I have them everywhere to try to keep me more organized- try being the key word! Well to my surprise it was banana paper.

Why it surprised me so much was I was there when they were first trying to make this stuff in Costa Rica.  I had a 1 month exchange down there in 1993 as a high school student focusing on agriculture.  Under the book, you'll noticed another sheet of paper.  That's mine! from the '93 trip.
Bananas don't degrade very well and the fields were often burned (if memory serves correct) and as bananas are a major cash crop in that country, they were trying to figure out ways to go green with the waste and that was back in '93! 
Such a cool little find, and it made me pull out my old photo album from the trip and reminisce.  In Costa Rica, at that time, things ran at a slower pace.  The locals called it Tico Time.  I have to admit, it was a nice memory and I enjoyed looking through my album.
I hope this finds you all happily remembering and mailing!

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  1. This is a cool find indeed! Who would have thought that the whole thing would develop to that extent! Thank you for this informative post ^^ Memories come up with the weirdest things... sigh... Wish you a happy mail week ^^