Monday, November 7

More In and Out

With the help of Mickey the mail cat, I have been getting through the piles and am slowly, ever so slowly, catching up!

Here she is hard at work!
First the In- Crowd
From Tara at Hello Life
I heart Paris and Malyss!
A very nice letter
An S2 friend
Taiwan postcrossing - love the shape
A wonderful recycling effort Anna
From Heidi at Adventures of a Mail junkie
Second the out
Above was a whole food themed ensemble!  I love sending this to people in other countries so the can see some of our food culture and advertising!  Speaking of which, I smell my own supper!
Hope this finds you all hungry for more!

1 comment:

  1. It's really nice to see your coverage of your incoming :) By the way, we have a mutual friend :) Mintie is also my friend (from fb though)