Sunday, November 6

Book Sale = Mail Art Opportunities

Hello all of you out there in mail land!
I first want to say that if you have not read my blog long, you may be surprised (or not) to find that I am a bit cheap.  Not about everything, but I sure like a deal.  So here is a big tip to many of you,  I rarely buy books from bookstores!  I usually try to stock up at library, yard, and charity sales.  Usually the books go for a dollar each, give or take, and are in decent shape.
Why talk about books on a mail blog?  Because they are terrific sources of inspiration!  Just look at the fun ideas!
Here are some of my finds at the final Bethlehem Public Library book sale of this year!
Nonfiction books about people's travels.  I love this genre of literature.
I like travel stories like these because they help me understand other cultures.  Usually they are written by Americans about their perspectives and experiences in other cultures.  Although Holy Cow was written by an Australian, it is one of my favorite of this genre about travels in India!
I love the cover of this book!
Not only is the above book pretty, but I am hoping to use the letters inside to liven up a letter writing slump I seem to have gotten into with one of my pals.  I have ides that should be fun!
The above 2 books are all advertisements from the 1940's - Squeal!!!!  I hate to tear up the books, so I may try to scan them or copy them and see how that works before I take scissors to them.
Pamela from Cappuchino and Art recommended a long time ago that I consider looking at as many artists works as possible to help shape my own tastes and preferences.  Therefore I am always looking for more art books and the design book seems to be some kind of college book but looks cool. 

The above contain all kinds of small projects.  The best thing is they can be adapted to fabric or paper and provide easy cut-out shapes.  My brain goes crazy with ideas on how to adapt these to mail!!!
Self- explanatory!
The above book has a whole section on ready to mail journals and accordion card!  Can't wait to try it!!!
Once I am done with my fiction and non-fiction books, I tend to pass them on.  Either back to one of the charity book sales or on to a fellow friend.  If you are a truly voracious reader, consider joining Bookcrossing.  I know little about it, but hope the Postmuse will stop by to tell us more in the comments as I know she is/was a member of that group.
Much love and MailArt!


  1. How fun! You got some great stuff to work with there. I don't think you are cheap -- I think recycling and reusing is great for the planet and fun too. I just finished an interesting book set in India - maybe I will have to pick up Holy Cow next (the title is a riot!). Happy Mail Day.

  2. The original idea of Bookcrossing was to leave books in public places and the book would be picked up by a stranger and perhaps they would journal that find by going to the site and entering the book's unique ID number, which is generated on the Bookcrossing site by the original owner of the book and written on the inside of the book.

    However, the site ended up being very much a book trading site, which meant mailing books. I know there are LOTS of people who still "release books into the wild," but not like when I first started.

    The sending of books through the mail is pretty much what killed Bookcrossing for me. It works for plenty of others, but the expense was too high for me.

    Back when I lived in Boston, I was very, very active in Bookcrossing (I am Zmrzlina there). I released books into the wild all the time. When I moved to Pittsburgh, I tried to be active, but had trouble connecting with other Bookcrossers because it wasn't as popular in Pittsburgh. I did do a bit of "controlled releases" which is what mailing books is called, but it became a chore. I still get notifications when books are released near me, and would like to jump back in but I will only do the wild releases.