Sunday, November 20

Ebb and Flow of my Mailbox

Hello all,
Well I do declare,  how does time fly so quickly?  Today I spent a majority of the day cleaning and packing for my Thanksgiving holiday trip.  I also had a few weekend adventures, but I hope to post about thise soon enough! 
On to the mail!
Received and in no particular order

A first day of issue art stamp from Elle Mental
 A terrific package from Aida at Aida Goes Artsy!


Wanda's Wonderful Package

L.R. is back!

A note from Val

A few notes from people who usually do not send them
Postcrossing (above and Below)
From Annnabell
From Winnie's Girl
From Troy, celebrating a year of ink!
Ash knows I'm a Black Friday kind of gal
And finally for today, Marian!

Outgoing - just a few pics of some creative moments I had!  I tend not to like to share too much just in case it spoils the surprise for the recipient.

A few things I made.  The last was from today.  The Allentown Art Museum had a creative kid corner, so I set to work crafting this cute piece: )
Hope this finds you all well and happy,

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  1. Holidays are nice for getting cards/hearing from people you normally don't. I hope you have a great Thanksgiving trip!