Monday, November 21

Dang, I Forgot my Camera!

Do you ever have those moments when you wish you had remembered to bring your camera?  Well today was one of those days for me. I had planned on going to the public library and then seeing if I could find the Artsquest center at the Bethlehem Steel Stacks.  I had no issues finding either, but I was surprised at the sprawl of the Steel Stacks complex and my huge desire to take photos of the structure!  The rustic brick and industrial steel towers of the iron works building were really interesting. 

Another reason why I headed to the Artquest center this weekend was it was the first weekend of Christkindalmarkt - A German style artisan market.  Bethlehem was named Christmas City USA in the 1940's and has hosted this market for many years. 
While there I saw several goodies!  But I only walked away with some small German papercutting ornaments.  I have discussed it before on this site, but have yet to attempt it myself.  I cannot even image trying something as intricate as they are!  I will resist posting the pictures for now in case my family peeks as I plan to give these as gifts.  (Who am I kidding, they have no interest in my mail hobby - sigh!) 
I know it has nothing to do with mail, but I love all types of papercraft!

On Sunday, I also trekked over to the newly renovated and re-opened Allentown Art Museum.  I am not a huge fan of the Renaissance but I do hope to go back there as they rotate exhibits for more contemporary artist.
I found some great mail related postcards and made a piece of stationery in the kids craft section.

I refuse to grow up! 
I hope this finds you all doing well and finding happiness,


  1. I visited a short time in Allentown/Bethlehem. Sadly, didn't see any of the cool places you just saw.

  2. I always have my camera in my bag, I bought a small one to never forget it; You never know what you'll find on your road!No wonder your town is a Xmas city, with such a name!:o)Maybe you should picture the market to make xmas postcards with the photos?..