Thursday, December 2

Stationery, Je' Taime!

I have this thing for Paris.  It's a small thing, well maybe a minor obsession, but nothing more!  I have never been there and the most French I can say is "croissant", but there is something lovely about the Eiffel Tower and the Parisian landscape.  But of course, my admiration extends beyond watching French films to collecting Paris themed stationery, (or quite frankly I couldn't call myself a stationery addict!)

These butes have sparkle and glam written all over !  And a glitter pen will put it inside of them too.

A bit more subtle, but lovely none the less!  And the stationery box is a work of art itself!

Can you find the French?  Some of the print is French words in the background, I love these envelopes.  It's nice to see a stationery designer actually do something with the envelopes for once instead of leaving them plain white. Although there is something to be said for a white canvas . . .
Until the day comes when I can visit this lovely country and have the romantic visions replaced by reality, I will have to be contented with sending my hoarded French themed notes out to my friends.  And writing utterly French words like Pinot Grigio and Cabernet Sauvignon in them. (Now wine and writing- well that's a different post for a different day!)
I hope this finds you wee-weeing my sentiments and not drinking and writing too much! 
Au chante'

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  1. J'aime ce poste de blog!!
    ("I love this blog post"-in french)