Tuesday, December 28

Presents in the Mailbox

I love my friends.  They really know me and though it can be rather easy to get gifts for a mail addict, I have them trained to not buy me stationery as I buy enough myself!  But there are days they listen and days they don't listen.  But when they don't listen, it's usually because they know me better.  I was recently surprised by gifts that my wise friends decided to send me. 
My darling Carrie sent me this gorgeous work tote to hold my stationery projects.  She did excellent with this beauty!  Not only was she the only to listen and not get me stationery, she made it easier for me to travel with my mail addiction and send her more letters! She also got me some beautiful paper to experiment with and hopefully I'll be able to make some interesting and unique things to send back to her!
My beautiful Ashley sent me this hilarious souvenir called PooPoo Paper.  It is handcrafted paper made from elephant poo.  She got the items at the San Diego Zoo!  The paper is made in Thailand and a portion of its sale goes to elephant conservation efforts.  No worries, as advertised it doesn't smell!

My wonderful Breanne sent me a box of scrapbooking pieces and a very interesting set of stationery made in Egypt.  They are stitched and made from hand made paper.  They are the kind of unusual stationery that make me eager to travel the world and see more!  She also sent me some postcards for postcrossing and some pictures with stories behind them.

 And finally, my mom combined my love of stationery with my love of quilts.  This year's gift was much better than some of the previous ones that I've received from my family and worth a mention and a thanks.  (Oh I'm sorry these were actually from Santa and in my stocking- gotta love Mom!)  

Everybody did well and I am thankful for having such wonderful people in my life. I enjoyed all my gifts, though I say again- please don't get me stationery (unless it's really, really cool). 
I hope this finds you all happy with your gifts!