Monday, December 27

Some Sweet Postcards

Recently I got to take a business trip to Hershey, PA.  They put me up in the swank Hotel Hershey and like most stationery addicts, I rifled through the drawers and found the complimentary stationery set and there were some gems!

These old reproduction postcards were beautiful and a unique gift to the Hotel's guest. And since it was my first visit I got 2 complimentary chocolate bars instead of the one they usually give out.  I'm sure that recently moving from the same area in Indiana as my hostess in no way swayed this decision, but it's always nice to find a reminder of home when you are far from it! 
Unfortunately I did not get to go downtown Hershey and see the sites that make it so famous, but I am <2hr from where I live now, so I am sure this is not the first time I will visit the sweetest place on earth!
Hope this finds you all well and happily mailing!


  1. I love Hershey, PA and have only been their twice but it's fun. My favorite is driving past the Reeses' factory. You can really smell the peanuts as well as the chocolate! Do you have a favorite Hershey candy or do you prefer another brand?

  2. I just love candy. But I heard, not fact, that Hershey sent a big portion of their production out of country. So sad : (