Sunday, December 5

My First Give Away- $35 gift certificate and some

Hello all,
So I've had some previous posts discussing the generosity of CSN stores approaching me to host a give-away.  Their money, my blog and time- all for you, my current handful of blog viewers!
One thing that made me sad and that is ONLY US and Canadian citizens can win the gift certificate, so I have decided to throw in a small care pack of my own for a winner from a country outside of these.  That's right folks- 2 prizes!!!!
The Rules:
- Be a follower of the Blog.  (All of you already following are entered, and currently have great odds of winning!)
- Declare your country, (if not obvious), in a comment below or any blog posts this week.
- Winner will be notified via e-mail, so make sure I can get that info from your blog, email me through this sites email link, or post it below so I have it.  Just PLEASE make sure its easy to find.
- Do not try to thank CSN on its FB site, I will make sure we get an address for thanks to be sent to.  (After all, we are all mail junkies and this is another reason to send something!)
-You have 1 week + a few.  The official drawing will be done on Tuesday, December 14th, 2010 in the A.M.  I will announce the winner that Tuesday after my work day is done.  (Sorry Monday's usually a long day for me, not enough time then).

Meanwhile, check out their amazing inventory.  CSN is comprised of over 200 online stores, where you can find everything from a counter stool for your kitchen to a new mailbox for your house.  Pull up a stool and hope on-line to for a view  I will post one of their many shopping sites daily so you can see ways to spend your gift certificate.  Oh, but wait there's more!  I will also reveal an item, daily, from the care package I will be sending out!
And because no posts is complete without a picture, here's the first item in the care package!
A Warhol inspired Hershey Kiss Journal.  I live very close to Hershey, PA were they make the candies.
Here's the inside.  Love the Kiss in the corner! 
I hope this finds you all excited and those following the blog silently, will come forward to claim your chance at a great prize!
Happy Mailing!


  1. Hi B. Late to this post! Thanks for the cards and letter. You are a fine penpal! Keep entertaining us, I entered yet? ;)

  2. I am a follower! Would love to win some CSN

  3. Thanks guys, as long as you are a known follower, you're entered!
    Tuesday is coming fast!

  4. gfc following! i, too, am a lover of the post! email's got nothing on snail mail. :)
    divertida at fastmail dot fm

  5. I'm a GFC Follower.
    my country is USA USA USA!
    And i want to W I N WIN WIN
    C S N CSN....goooooo Weirdo!!
    - Daddy Rich


  6. I am your follower as bridgestranslation :)
    I love CSN's variety and ease of shopping! Thanks so much!
    bridgestranslation at yahoo dot com

  7. I just signed up with GFC. Thanks for the chance!
    jorossi AT gmail DOT com

  8. I presume so, but my email is and I'm a UK reader and follower! (You know this already I'm sure)

    By the way B, I'm wondering why you haven't yet joined Mailart365...

  9. Just found your site. The holidays bring a lot of actual mail instead of virtual mail, which I love!
    Please throw my name in the hat!

  10. Hi! I would love a chance at the prize! This would be a great time for some extra 'cash.' Phew! The holidays are draining in every way. :-)
    tiedyefrog@ gmail dot com