Sunday, April 1

The In Keeps Coming

Here are some more over due to post letters.  Hopefully once the housing is figured out, I'll be back to my old posting and writing habits!  So lets start with some letters in.
Lucas Writes
RB sends a letter on owl wings
An old friend
A new friend from China

I forgot to take individual pics of the 3 postcards in the lower left corner.  They are all from Postcrossing
The above is MP from SendSomenthing and the lower 2 are postcrossing.  My first from Belgium and a great designed one from NJ
Also Postcrossings.  I like the hand drawn bike and the small batch from Fishermen's Wharf in Seattle
One is postcrossing and the other is shear JJ fabulousness
 Impeccable M sends some Irish luck
Misty's great hand designed card and a postcrossing.  Apparently Misty will send you one of her handmade cards when she gets a new stamp from this years release that she has not gotten before.  I was the first to send her the heart health stamp, which has surprisingly been one of my favorites this year.
2 fun cards from blog readers! 
A letter from SJ an old friend!
I love the Erte card from a postcrosser  - remember you can invite people to write you if they want.
Tara's back! 
From the Philadelphia Museum of Art - I got to go to the limited and super fabulous Van Gogh exhibit, but they do not allow pictures at the exhibit.  This photo is from the 18th century and depicts one of my (our?) favorite past times!

I always like to go to museums, I have ideas for mail art and I enjoy the museum stores for their unique items for sale!

Keep Writing my Friends!

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